A New Nothing – Czar Kristoff and Joseph Kadow


Wavepool – How have you approached the idea of having an image-based conversation?

Czar Kristoff – I think just like in any other form of conversation, the most difficult part is to initiate it. You have to be cautious I think. Good thing, I have clues on Joseph’s interests since I’ve seen his works prior to our conversation. It makes it easier for me to upload the first image. So I posted something that I think would be interesting for him, something specific in my country of origin (a makeshift cover of a street vendor), knowing that Joseph is into exotic things, I think that’s the right image to start the project.

Joseph Kadow – When first looking at my partners picture, I focus on what stands out to me: what kinds of shapes or materials do I see? Is it an object or something abstract? How does the picture make me feel? I always take time to think about which one of my pictures could fit before i go through my archive. And mostly my response turns out to look very different from what I first imagined.



Wavepool – If you were to compare your exchange to one that is spoken, how would you describe it?

Czar Kristoff – There are some words or gestures that I usually use in normal exchange especially when I’m talking to my closest friends but this one is kinda different. A New Nothing is like a public chat room or something so my replies are kind of filtered but I made sure they were conveyed in truthful manner. Also, I think that Joseph is free to interpret whatever image he was seeing just like in a casual exchange of words.

Joseph Kadow – I think it’s difficult to try to transform an image based conversation to a spoken one. To me, an image based conversation describes an emotional visual process that can hardly be put into words. To do that, you would have to analyze and interpret the image. What I like about A New Nothing is that I don‘t need words to describe my or my partner’s work but the images can speak for themselves.



Wavepool – What have you taken away from the process?

Czar Kristoff – I think an equal amount of politeness and brutality can lead to a good conversation.

Joseph Kadow – What I find interesting about my conversation with Czar is that we come from very different (cultural) backgrounds, we live in different cities in very different parts of the world. That is very refreshing to me. Another challenge is that I only photograph in color and most of Czar’s work is black and white. So I can’t refer to the colors in his images as a response. In more than just one way, it is interesting to have a conversation with someone you don’t share the same language with and still be able to understand each other. That way you learn to see things from a different perspective and notice things you wouldn’t have under different circumstances.


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